You, too, can become a lifesaver by helping us help our 1st responders and those they serve. Helping hands are always needed for projects or at fun, special events. Whether you have an hour here and there throughout the year, or would like to commit to a more regular volunteer schedule, you can become a part of something big by joining us. We will put you to work!

For more information, email: info@lifesavingfoundation.org

  • Please, include any skills you have that you think might contribute to volunteer work.
“Volunteering for the St. Louis Fire Department Foundation has been personally rewarding, while also allowing me to hone my professional skills. I’m honored to lend my marketing talents to such a worthy cause that benefits the greater community.”
– Susan Noeth-Havera, Marketing Coordinator at Lockheed Martin Corp.
“Working as a volunteer with The St. Louis Fire Department Foundation has not only been intrinsically rewarding, but it has also opened my eyes to the intersection between the charitable giving community and business.”
– Zack Short, Class of 2014 School of Business, McKendree University

Volunteering May Help Your Career More Than You Think!

  • 41 percent of hiring authorities surveyed by LinkedIn rated volunteer experience equally as important as paid experience.

“Given the current economic climate and the hypercompetitive job market, it’s essential to include your volunteer work on your profile,” Beth Williams of LinkedIn says. “When hiring managers or business partners are comparing two people side by side, volunteer experience makes you a more multifaceted professional and can set you apart from the competition.” 1